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Mission Statement

My primary goal is to make your life easier...

The goal of My Vision Aid Inc. in New York, NY, is to facilitate the life of the legally blind and visually impaired with everyday tools that will make daily activities easier to handle.

My Vision Aid Store has many items to assist people that suffer from low vision, such as: permanent loss of eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration, to experience a better quality of life.

We have a wide variety of merchandise that is created for the specific needs of our customers. I work one on one with my clients making sure that they get satisfactory results, helping them to improve their day-to-day living.

As manager and owner I have the full responsibility to inspect every product and make sure it fits the needs of my clients, who suffer the same low vision problem that I do.

My major strength is my experience dealing with low vision. I also have more than 25 years of experience working in this field. I feel this is a very delicate business due to what it was created for, to help the low vision community. To be a sales person in a store that provides products for the legally blind you need to have a certain experience and sensitivity to help customers find the right products to fit their needs.

Contact My Vision Aid for Low Vision Aids, Talking Products for Visually Impaired, Reading Aid products, Electronic Magnifier, advanced computer screen magnifier, large print products, Light therapy, Cell Phones for Low vision, and walking canes in New York, NY & Plantation, FL!

We have products to assist people with macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, including lighting aids, watches, and magnifiers.

Over 25 Years of Experience
Your Source for Low Vision Aids & Merchandise



The most flexible 3-in-1 video magnifier is ideal for near, distance and self viewing. By rotating the camera, you can read, write, groom, and magnify images at any distance. The Acrobat offers a complete system for those at work, school or home.

Woman on computer - Featured product

Key Features

• 3 in 1 camera technology with memory for favorite settings
• Arm slides to the right and pivots to the front for a full inline position offering an optimal viewing experience
• Dual keypad for easy to access controls
• Detachable camera rotates 340 degrees 5ms high resolution

• 19" LCD monitor Auto focus Seven (7) viewing modes
• Up to 65x adjustable digital magnification
• Rolling carrying case for easy transport (sold separately)
• Set-up is easy - just plug and play Computer. BUY NOW!

• Computers for low vision & Software for blind and visually impaired
• Electronic Magnifiers
• Electronic Portable Magnifiers
• Handheld Electronic Magnifiers
• Household Vision Items
• Kitchen Accessories for visually impaired
• Lighting for low vision
• Magnifiers Illuminated
• Magnifiers Non-Illume
• Mirror for low vision

• Monocular for legally blind
• Scanning and Reading Appliance for eyesight
• Sewing for eyesight
• Sunglasses for visually impaired
• Talking Item for eyesight
• Telephone for low vision
• Walkers blind and visually impaired
• Talking Watches for low vision

• Writing Guide for visually impaired


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